Fight Right To Work!

Subject: Right to Work HB 432 - TABLED

Thank you to all participants who showed up and supported our fight for fair wages, healthcare, safety, and education for
New Mexico workers. We will continue the fight and keep you updated with any news. 
In solidarity, Brian Condit - Presient, NM Building Trades Council



Public hearings on THREE anti-worker bills this Saturday!


Senate Bills 482 & 483 are so-called “Right to Work” bills—attacking workers’ rights to organize for better wages, health benefits, retirement security
and safer working conditions.

Senate Bill 487 is a sweeping measure on Public-Private Partnerships (P3’s) that would allow for unlimited privatization of public jobs, while adding to our state, county, and city deficits.


                        What:  Hearings on SB 482, 483 & 487

                        When:  1:30 pm, Saturday, March 11, 2017

                        Where:  State Capitol (room tbd)

Join us in Santa Fe to defend your rights, and the rights of other hard-working New Mexicans!

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SB 482 & 483:  Employee Preference Act (Burt)

Senate Bills 482 & 483 are slightly different variations of “right to work” measures that would cripple the ability of labor organizations to negotiate on
behalf of New Mexico’s workers. 

These bills would restrict unions from collecting “fair share” or “agency” fees from non-members to cover the costs of the union’s legal obligation to represent those workers in collective bargaining and grievance procedures.  It would also bar employers from exercising their right to hire only union-trained and certified workers.

So-called “right to work” laws are unfair, unnecessary and hurt the middle class.


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SB 487:  Public Employee Labor Board Enforcement (G Baca)

Senate Bill 487 would completely gut collective bargaining agreements for public employees:

·         employers would no longer be legally obligated to comply with collective bargaining agreements (public employers would be protected if they fail or
refuse to comply with a CBA)

·         employees who are wrongfully terminated could no longer be reinstated—or awarded compensatory damages—by the Public Employee Labor Relations Board.

SB 487 would be disastrous for all public employees covered by CBAs, and would have a chilling effect on the rights of all labor organizations and their members.



Why So-Called “Right to Work” is WRONG for New Mexico:

Wages: Median household income in right-to-work (RTW) states is $6,437 lower than in freebargaining states—including both union and non-union households. Even adjusting for differences in cost of living and 41 other factors, workers in free-bargaining states are significantly better off than their counterparts in right-to-work states—averaging $1,500 more per worker. The contrasts are even starker in specific industries: right-to-work laws drive down wages in the manufacturing sector by 9%, and in the construction sector by 22%!

Healthcare: Right-to-work laws reduce the share of workers covered by a health plan by 3.5%.  As a result, workers in RTW states are more likely to rely on taxpayer-subsidized health care.

Safety: So-called “right to work” states are much less safe for workers. In the construction industry alone, workplace fatality rates are 36.5% higher than in free-bargaining states.

Education: It’s no surprise that right-to-work states—which suffer lower wages, reduced benefits, and worse safety records—also bear the hallmarks of a stressed society: students are less likely to perform at appropriate grade level in math and reading.

Fight for your rights!