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This is an informational page ONLY.

If the date is not current, please call the Day Book recording.

You must contact the job line at (505) 342-2988 between the hours
of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following morning, for details and
requirements for any listed jobs.


There are three (3) calls for Journeyman Wiremen and
one (1) call for CW/CE's for Monday, March 02, 2015

1st call is a regular call for one (1) JW working 4/10's at $27.80 per hour
for B&H Mechanical in Clovis. Job requirements are driver's license, I-9 documentation, drug test, OSHA-10 and Journeyman License. Reporting after dispatch; normal starting time is 6:30 am.

2nd call is a regular call for one (1) JW working 5/8s in Taos for Sanbros. Job requirements are: DL, I-9 documentation, OSHA-10, Journeyman license, drug test, and background check. Reporting to shop after dispatch.

3rd call is a regular call for three (3) JW's working for Stellar at the WIPP Site SE of Carlsbad. This site is working a 9/80 schedule with a scale of $28.95. Job Requirements are: DL I-9 documentation, EE98J license, DT and background check. Non-smoker, OSHA-10 and COE preferred. Reporting Tuesday March 3, 7AM for training and DT in Carlsbad. Normal starting time at site is 6AM.

4th call is a regular call for one (1) mid to high level CW/CE working 5/8's
for Heartland Electric in Portales, NM. Requirements are driver's license,
I-9 documentation, OSHA 10, drug test, and safety toe shoes, and
experience in PVC coated ridgid. Reporting Wednesday, March 04, 2015;
normal starting time is 7:00 am.


Zeon Signs (Electrical Products of NM) is in need of a sign service technician with welding experience and clean driving record; for more information and application call them at (505) 243-3771.


Continuing Education

Contact Global Safety at
(505) 872-8100 or
to take your continuing education classes.


After getting a user name and password from the Dispatcher, you may re-sign by email:

On Line Re-Sign

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