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  • New Mexico Electricians Retirement Benefit Fund
    Updated On: Mar 30, 2020


    New Mexico Electricians Retirement Benefit Fund

    Dear 401(k) Participant,

    Markets, emotions, and you…

    Understanding market cycles and your emotions can help you be a better investor. The recent 
    volatility in the financial markets is creating a good deal of concern amongst investors, which is 
    understandable! It is important for you to put this all in perspective. Successful investing 
    requires patience and sometimes a lot of courage!

    The current volatility, while severe, has happened in the past and markets invariably recover. 
    Since you will be contributing additional money, the recent downturn will likely provide a good 
    opportunity for you to earn a strong return over the long term, provided you stay the course! If 
    you sell, you create a real loss rather than a temporary one!

    The best way to navigate inevitable market ups and downs is to have an investment plan that you can 
    stick with and that meets your goals, time horizon, and style. DON’T PANIC!
    •     Markets move through predictable cycles from bull to bear and back.
    • Emotions can get in the way of successful investing, tempting us to sell at market bottoms, and 
    buy at tops.
    • Life has its cycles, as do the economy and the financial markets. But when it comes to market 
    cycles, emotions often get in our way. We often do the wrong thing at different phases, buying 
    exuberantly at market highs and selling in a panic at market lows.
    •     Successful investors do the opposite.

    Manage your emotions with a plan, but make sure your plan is the right one! Ask any successful 
    investor their secret. The most common response is to make an investment plan—and stick to it. Over 
    time, discipline helps successful investors buy low, sell high, and build wealth. Stay in touch 
    with your emotions and what's driving them—but don't let them get the better of you as an investor!

    Your 401k plan has a great line-up of professionally managed Target date funds that are designed to 
    help you achieve your objectives through market ups and downs. We would highly encourage 
    participants to continue to stay the course, provided your allocation and risk are appropriate 
    given your expected retirement date. There are also a number of other individual options if you are 
    comfortable selecting your own portfolio; however, those require a bit more effort to manage.

    As a reminder, any members who make the decision to redirect the participant directed portion of 
    their account can do so by accessing the 401k web site https://startright.bokf.com or through the
    mobile app (search StartRight BOKF in App Store or Play Store) and selecting the Manage My 
    Investments link. Should members need assistance accessing the web site or mobile app or with 
    processing investment changes, they may call Participant Services at 800-876-9557. Members may 
    experience longer than normal hold times during this period of extremely high call volume.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and please check our website 
    www.ulrichcg.com for updates as the situation evolves. Our consultants will be available and can be 
    contacted by phone or email per normal course of business. We can be reached at call 505 224 - 9100 
    and ask to speak with a member of our consulting team if you have specific questions.


    John P. Ulrich, CFP®

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